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aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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(OHM 2013)
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'''Hackcenter, Lounge Tent, Workshops, Whateverlab mobile, Hamradio Station and HD Camping'''
'''Hackcenter, Lounge Tent, 24 hrs. Breakfast, Workshops, Whateverlab mobile, Hamradio Station and HD Camping'''

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OHM 2013


The next iteration of the Dutch hacker camps - https://www.ohm2013.org

When: From July 31st to August 4th 2013

Where: Geestmerambacht, The Netherlands. OHM Location - On the Telegraph

Of course with another resurrection (v4.0) of the in/famous LeiwandVille

OHM Wiki: LeiwandVille

Hackcenter, Lounge Tent, 24 hrs. Breakfast, Workshops, Whateverlab mobile, Hamradio Station and HD Camping

We will organise transportation for infrastructure and projects, build up the village and help run it. There will be 24hr breakfast again (very likely but we still need a few more helping hands) We will also help transporting your tents.

There will be a small up-front amount to pay for securing infrastructure, transportation initial food cost. Most likely it will be 30 Euro like in 2011.

Add your name to the list below and remember, we still need people to help organise the village (go to OHM2013/Orga)


OHM 2013 is in part sponsored by organisations that are of let's say questionable reputation among many hackers. Thus it has been widely discussed in hackerdom to not attend or even boycott OHM. Still the camp will happen and some of us think that showing a presence there and talking about affairs might even be a better way. We'll se but besides politics we will have an awsome time for sure.

We did hear of trolls :)

If you have decided to not go to OHM for that reason, be aware that there are already some counter-events planned that you might like to attend.


Increase the Awwwsumness! Be creative make cool stuff and show off!


by ALL

Should VOIP and blink - preferrably blue like the TARDIS


by Zwax

Oh, it already has its own website!

Amateur Radio

by MetaFunk

Name and Details are to be determined yet but we have lots of ideas

Sikrit World Domination Planning Board

by AndiS

If you don't hear of it, you know we did it!


by redplanet


Zeitraffer Cam

by wizard23

Like at CCCamp2011 but this time it's solar pwndered


  1. Mononofu
  2. Cavac (weiss noch nicht, wie ich anreise. Bahn+Fahrrad? Mitfahren mit Metalab?)
  3. AndiS
  4. fbr
  5. Wizard23 (Am liebsten mit LKW mit dem Nucular Preparation Team :)
  6. Zwax (Flug) Amalettomat (kriegt hoffentlich einen platz am transporter)
  7. Eisbaer
  8. datacop
  9. vautee
  10. πTΩ
  11. stefan (Anreise unklar, Village wenn das klar geht)
  12. nysos (Anreise von Barcelona, würde am Donnerstag zum leiwandville kommen)
  13. redplanet (noch nichts gebucht - hat B-führerschein aber kein Auto)
  14. Atrox (warscheinlich Flug)
  15. Maciej
  16. Meep
  17. td Klammeraffe fsinf.at
  18. alex Klammeraffe fsinf.at
  19. maybe kyrah (unless on mission elsewhere - won't know for sure until 23 July)
  20. lordminx +1 - Noch nicht 100% sicher.
  21. scenor
  22. You!
  23. ...

There is also a cooperation with friends from Graz, Magdeburg as well as the CCC Hamradio group who will join our LeiwandVill and/or set up their stuff right next to us. Also we're right next to the guys from Bratislava and Prague Hackerspaces.

Ride Sharing

Get to the Camp by sharing a car.

If you have a car and want to offer seats or if you need a ride. - Add yourself to the Ride Sharing page.