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|wtf=temporary storage inside metalabs LAN
|wtf=temporary storage inside metalabs LAN

Version vom 17. Mai 2013, 02:23 Uhr

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Gestartet: 17.02.2013
Involvierte: User:Moritz
Status: active
Beschreibung: temporary storage inside metalabs LAN
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 17.05.2013


Deaddrop is a encrypted temporary Storage which deletes hourly files which are older than 5 days.

It is reachable only through LAN:

  • ipv4:
  • ipv6: 2001:858:5:3a23::dead:beef

it speaks:

  • sftp metalab:metalab
  • samba as guest
  • reachable through webbrowser.

if someone reboots the devices all stuff will be deleted.

encryption key is stored in ram only, so if the power is lost and hdd is plugged in somewhere else, the files are inaccessible.