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aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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Please go to [[NEO_Smart_Economy_Meetup]]
|name=NEO Blockchain Meetup
|when=20.01.2018, 17:00
|where=[[Info_Folder|Metalab]]|[[Hauptraum]]|[[Küche]]|[[Bibliothek]]|[[Lounge]]|[[WhateverLab]]|[[Heavy Machinery]]|[[Fotolab]]/[[Chemielab]]|[[Scannerraum]]
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= NEO Blockchain Meetup =
This is a group for people interested in the NEO smart economy (formerly AntShares). All skill levels are welcome!
=== Next Meetup: Sat, 20.1.2018 ===
Join the first NEO Smart Economy meet-up on '''Sat, 20.1.2018, 18:00''' at Metalab Vienna.
The first Meetup will include several people that have worked with the NEO blockchain, smart contracts, dApps and the City of Zion community.
'''Talks / Speakers (tbd): '''
* Nikolaj-K (City of Zion Developer)
* Chris Hager (Red Pulse, City of Zion)
* ''you?''
'''Pizza will be sponsored by the NEO project!'''
In collaboration with
=== About NEO ===
* The vision of NEO is a multi-faceted [ smart economy], built with blockchain technologies
* 2 system assets: [ NEO] und [ GAS]
* Smart contracts and [ dApps]
* Support for custom tokens / ICOs (like ERC-20 on Ethereum)
* Global open-source development community: [ City of Zion]
* 2 currently ongoing dApp competitions: [ City of Zion], [ Microsoft]
=== About the Meetup ===

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Please go to NEO_Smart_Economy_Meetup