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*** [ In a Nutshell]
*** [ In a Nutshell]
** [ Cloak of Darkness] Example scripts.
** [ Cloak of Darkness] Example scripts.
* [ Interpreters for numerous platforms]

Version vom 5. April 2011, 03:01 Uhr


"Suddenly the ambient lights begin to flash in every color of the rainbow and the NPCs start to gather debris and take empty Club Mate bottles to their final destination. With a shudder you realize that it's 11:00pm. Again..."


The 5th anniversary Metalab text adventure! Let's you literally explore the location retro style. You'll know your way around even before you've ever set a foot into the real Metalab!


"You take the red pill and swallow it. Seconds later your surroundings crystallize into an IDE and a natural scripting language that presents you a with a peek into the source of everything(TM)!"

I stumbled upon another unique scripting language today: Inform 7. What makes it special is that the instructions read like a natural language. I am fascinated. It rocks!


"After an endless period of lying wake and staring at the alarm clock's leds, sleep finally arrives and you dream of..."

We need a better title but...
...right now we need:

  • generic and funny descriptions of the rooms.
  • ...
  • puzzles. User needs to
    • lazzor something.
    • print out a registration form.
    • ...

The ultimate goal could be to start a project... or...

>_ (Your Input Apprechiated)

Edit this page to your liking, slack another day!


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