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Gestartet: 21.01.2014
Involvierte: User:Ktsouk
Status: active
Beschreibung: It's a little corner in the library intended for sound production.
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 21.01.2014


In the library there is a corner with some sound equipment to be used for sound production. This project is about maintaining a list of sound equipment and a monthly meeting to exchange techniques of sound processing/production.

Meeting topic brainstorming?

I would like to express interest in an Ardour workshop/meeting! (Myself coming from commercial packages and curious what's the state of the art for open source DAWs!) - simonrepp



Digital Sound Processing Editor (multitrack editing & mixing): Ardour3

Lightweight Sound Editor (with a Nyquist prompt): Audacity

Drum Machine: DrumGizmo

Visual Programming Environment (DSP learning, Media/controller integration): Pure data (pd)

Sinusoidal Partial Editing Analysis & Resynthesis (Fourier in your basement, eem computer - deep waters): Spear

Real-Time Synthesis Engine (algorithmic composition - deep waters): SuperCollider

Real-Time Audio Signal Processing (DSP to C++ code - deep waters): Faust

Audio Signal Processing (concurrent audio multimedia programming - deep waters): ChucK


1 VGA flat monitor

2 Genelec 8020A speakers (far from a matched pair)

1 Casio CTK-651 synthesizer

2 TRS male to XLR cables

1 mini TRS stereo male to 2 TRS female

1 TRS male to TRS female spring-cable

Help to grow the list: Have you something to spare? Something you can find?

- A <2-core computer <4GB RAM?

- A usb sound-card?

- A DJ or other "relative" controller?