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== Photos ==
== Photos ==
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Version vom 11. April 2010, 21:03 Uhr


Currently BETA TESTING please leave all your experiences, ideas, bugreports, suggestions on the discussion page Diskussion:Metalock


  • is a custom built lock system
  • it consists of a DIGI Connect ME 9210 embedded linux system, an EMZY sponsored by EVVA and an iButton reader


  • SVN with current software [1]
  • SVN with current doc [2]

Lessons learned:

  • DigiEL development environment is pain in the arse
  • ME9210 is pretty cool

Hardware documentation

  • tbd (how is everything connected)

Software documentation

  • tbd (pitfalls, config, buildprocess)



  • Overflo - almost everything software, some hardware, some design, some ideas, most of the system integration
  • Clifford - help with electronics, SPL support, box script!
  • Metaz - key managment membership integration




Aussenansicht der neuen Eingangsverkabelungg
Innenansicht der neuen Eingangsverkabelungg

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