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(Whishlist (Services Not Currently Active))
(Whishlist (Services Not Currently Active))
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* [ DKIM]
* [ DKIM]
** for [[Benutzer:mzeltner]]
** for [[Benutzer:mzeltner]]
** for [[Benutzer:red667]] - i now its a pain in the ass but would be beneficial for a lot of other services

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Metalab Services
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in progress


Fixing, Securing and updating Metalab Services

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Existing Services

  • Website: http(80)/https(443) (
  • Website: http(80)/https(443)
  • XMPP/Jabber: xmpp(5222, 5223, 5269, 7777) (also hosts
  • Incoming Email: SMTP(25) (MX 10)
  • Outgoing Email: SMTP(25)

Web-Apps and -Services

Broken Web-Apps and Services to be removed

  • enki ???
  • metasense
  • awstats
  • svn
    • Last time I checked, someone surprisingly still used that - it's been a while though - should pull a backup with git and publish that statically over https --Mzeltner (Diskussion)
  • convergence
  • webalizer

Whishlist (Services Not Currently Active)

  • Any Submission Services? (587)
    • against Benutzer:hop
    • against Benutzer:mzeltner - not because of technical reasons, but ones that I'd prefer Metalab not have infrastructure set up in which someone speaks for or as the organisation.
  • POP(110, 995) or IMAP(143, 993) Services?
    • against Benutzer:hop
    • against Benutzer:mzeltner - adding complexity
    • for Benutzer:red667 - mailserverice for members, so less people use gmail, hotmail, ... - cryptohardening is useless if the data is at a place without control
  • gitweb.cgi
    • for Benutzer:mzeltner - give people the option to avoid GitHub? Decentralised structure and all… With git http-push (WebDAV) support that uses the same credentials as the wiki or mos? Because we don't need lots of people with shell access.
  • DKIM
  • LDAP
    • for Benutzer:red667 - i now its a pain in the ass but would be beneficial for a lot of other services

Anything missing? Please add it!

Things that need to be done

This is a DRAFT list meant to aggregate things that likely should be looked at if they need any relevant updates. Known security issues should be regarded as relevant.

  • Document all changes, updates, etc.
    • Already done in /root/CHANGES - is there any reason for this to be particularly public? If so, I'd suggest publishing it via HTTPS --Mzeltner (Diskussion)
  • Update Apache to 2.2.26 (current as of 2013-11-19) or switch to nginx
    • wheezy wheezy wheezy see this and this - it's hard enough as it is to keep the machine running (thx thx hop) ---Mzeltner (Diskussion)
  • Update to eJabberd 13.10 (current as of 2013-11-19) or switch to prosody
  • Check ALL the Certificates for ALL the services. Acquire certificates for services that do not yet have one. (Basically do not host any unencrypted services anymore)
  • Provide forward secrecy for all services by using modern ciphers (EDH)
  • Discuss the use of ECC as the only widely implemented curves are known and deliberately weakened curves specified by NIST. (secp256r1, secp385r1). Pepi recommends not to use ECC with NIST curves if possible but provide (p)fs by using DHE (works with all current browsers except for Internet Explorer which only supports forward secrecy using ECDHE on Vista an newer.)
  • Update Mediawiki to the current release
  • Update Trac to the current release
  • Check validity of ALL certificates and set up reminders to renew them. Find at least two persons who are volunteering to take care of that as well!
  • Get certificates for services that lack encryption
  • Add SRV Records to DNS for Jabber/XMPP Server federation and Clients discovery
  • Add SPF/TXT Records to DNS for Email
    • Keep in mind: some people occasionally send email as from GMail servers (with regards to my comment from above, yes I don't like that either) --Mzeltner (Diskussion)
  • Do TLSA records make any sense without DNSSec?
  • Test all the services, document how to test them
  • Test all the security things, document how to test them
    • Check to see if TLS works on the SMTP service: openssl s_client -starttls smtp -connect --Mzeltner (Diskussion)

Things DONE

  • Cleaned up most cruft in the DNS - Did I break anything? I'm sorry, tell me what and why you need it so I can reinstate it!