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This is just a draft, next days


Nobody is following sporadic video streams or bad quality ones. But if regularlly we stream public events from metalab, for sure people over the net could be interested. I (user:jaume) colaborate in the project, it is a netwoprk of icecast servers that shares bandwidth and contents. It is a non commercial network, and the structures uses only free software.


To be able to stream in an easy/fix way from metalab we need:

 * a computer, we can call it stream-box, with firewire and ubuntu on it and some easy working programs installed.
 * cameras: there is a lot of options for cameras. I think it is not interesting to stream using webcams coz the quality is not enough. Let's thing on DV-cams, and 2 better than 1.
 * a video mixer or, instead, (cheaper) 2 firewires ports and a Puredata path to mix the cameras.