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This is just a draft, next days will come more


Nobody is following sporadic video streams or bad quality ones. But if regularlly we stream public events from metalab, for sure people over the net could be interested. I (user:jaume) colaborate in the project, it is a netwoprk of icecast servers that shares bandwidth and contents. It is a non commercial network, and the structures uses only free software.


To be able to stream in an easy/fix way from metalab we need:

 * a computer, we can call it stream-box, with firewire and ubuntu on it and some easy working programs installed.
 * cameras: there is a lot of options for cameras. I think it is not interesting to stream using webcams coz the quality is not enough. Let's thing on DV-cams, and 2 better than 1.
 * a video mixer or, instead, (cheaper) 2 firewires ports and a Puredata path to mix the cameras.