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# [[User:LuGam|LuGam]] (abhängig davon wann es ist - die HTL nimmt sich was sie will :P)
# [[User:LuGam|LuGam]] (abhängig davon wann es ist - die HTL nimmt sich was sie will :P)
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# [[User:your_name|your name]]
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=== Contact ===
=== Contact ===

Version vom 2. Mai 2016, 18:39 Uhr


SLM machine at fotec in its full glory

At the research company fotec where I am working on my masters thesis we have a SLM Machine (3D printer for metal)

It is a machine which builds solid metal objects from powder. This is done by depositing a thin layer of powder and then melting it according to the part geometry with a LASER beam.

My job there is to create a system for monitoring the powder deposition and the melted layers of powder.

The plan for the excursion would be (If you are interested in anything in particular, don't hesitate to ask, the plan is just a suggestion):

  • Introduction to build process
  • Visiting the machine while it's building something
  • Presentation of the research topics connected with the machine


Fotec Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH Viktor Kaplan-Strasse 2 2700 Wiener Neustadt

Located in the TFZ Bauteil A, Ground Floor

If you want to come by Öffi, you take the Railjet to Wiener Neustadt and then either the S-Bahn to "Civitas Nova", from there it's a 5 - 10 minutes walk or you take the Bus line G to the Station "Salesianer" (the one after the Fachhochschule), where you can already see the TFZ.

By car you take the A2 exit Wöllersdorf to Wiener Neustadt Nord. I guess there should be signs for the TFZ. You can park for free in surrounding streets.


TBA Any day Monday to Friday at 16:00, duration about 1:30 - 2:00 hours

Earliest in mid May

If you want to see more than 1 machine you'll need to wait until September when we will get 2 additional machines.

How much?

Free, but if you really want to pay, I have no problems with taking donations (will be spend on Mate). ;)


Maximum is 15 people, please add yourself to the list below if you are interested:

  1. Ripper
  2. pk
  3. LuGam (abhängig davon wann es ist - die HTL nimmt sich was sie will :P)
  4. your name
  5. lumbric