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Einmal im Monat lädt das Metalab Vortragende aus aller Welt ein, bei uns von ihren Projekten und Ideen zu erzählen. Anschließend gibt es Platz für Lightning Talks, wo Besucher aktuelle Unternehmungen und Vorhaben vorstellen können, sowie ein Buffet und gemütliches Ambiente für Diskussion und Austausch.

The Metalab is glad to invite everyone interested to Metaday #41 – Special Edition

on Friday, April 29 2011, 19:30 (20:00)
at Metalab, Rathausstraße 6, downtown Vienna close to the city hall – free entry

Fun with 3D Printing Technology

Herbert Edelsbrunner
Lecturer:    Herbert Edelsbrunner

With geometric software and a three-dimensional printer, it is remarkably easy to create or manufacture interesting 3-dimensional shapes. In the past, I used this technology to create novel mathematical shapes, model the structure of proteins, and recreate everyday artifacts. This talk will discuss some of the mathematical and computational background and use images and 3D prints as illustrations.

Speaker: Herbert Edelsbrunner was born in Graz 1958. He studied Technical Mathematics at the Graz University of Technology. Herbert is considered to be one of the leading researchers in computational geometry and the founding father and a leading figure in computational topology. He is Professor at IST Austria, Professor at Duke University, and Co-founder of the successful software company Geomagic.

Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are a entertaining format of short lectures presenting current ideas, ongoing projects and particularly work-in-progress. The length of a talk is strictly limited to 5 minutes.

You're invited to add your lightning talk below. Don't hesitate to apply even if you feel your presentation isn't perfectly formulated, this isn't expected for such rather spontaneous talks. Chronological order subject to change:

Who? What? Beamer? record?


Buffet, wine and ambient/downtempo chillout music