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Gestartet: 01.12.2013
Involvierte: Uberhaxlor, Ktsouk, Juli, uvm.
Status: active
Beschreibung: An extraordinary Cooking-Workshop with a french accent
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 14.03.2014


Sacré Bleu? A cooking workshop where anyone (no need to be a member) can exchange experiences, ideas, recipes and spice. Fear not we mean business here!

Some rules:

     The workshop is also about documenting the recipes and bringing
     participants closer to healthy, happy and quick plus effective cooking.
     The event needs to be prepared enough so the food and ingredients
     with small lifespan (<5 days) that may remain should be removed
     from the kitchen.
     The big picture is to have a team of people that can curate the events
     bi-weekly or weekly without pressure nor anxiety ;) Please get in touch
     with ktsouk in order to lead one event.

Metacuisine #3

Coming up

When and where

Third Metacuisine workshop will take place on Sunday 23 March 2014 16:30h at the metalab kitchen (eating would take place in a more exotic place called «Hauptraum»)

Florian cooks Pork Roast and ktsouk plays with some more cookware.


To be announced.


1. First dish

2. Main dish

3. Desert


Metacuisine #2

When and where

Second Metacuisine workshop will take place on Sunday 23 February 2014 16:30h at the metalab kitchen (eating would take place in a more exotic place)

Juli cooks vegan and ktsouk plays with cookware.


First dish: Kichererbsensuppe (also served not as soup if you prefer it)

Main dish: Curry rice & veggies! (spicy but Vegan!)

Dessert: Orange cake (well you'll just have to taste it)

Total cost: 3euros (we'll buy from SPAR for metalab's sake!)


1. Chickpeas soup (Kichererbsensuppe)


- Put the chickpeas inside cold water 12 hours before cooking time (mind that the bulk of chickpeas will grow:)

- Rinse the chickpeas with fresh water.

- Boil enough water to put all the chickpeas inside and put the chickpeas inside while lower the temperature to boil slower.

- Take out all the white foam that forms on the surface of the water (repeatedly) for 7 minutes.

- You should have been preparing some more boiling water with the salt in it.

- Take out the chickpeas and put them in the salty bowling water for 27 minutes.

- Put inside the olive oil and half the lemon(s) juice.

- When close to the end of boiling you can put some flour to make the soup more dense.

- Stop bowling and let cool for 10 minutes.

- Then put in oregano and the rest of lemon juice.

- Wait 5 minutes and serve the soup (it should be still hot!)

2. Orange cake (Orangenkuchen) vegan

Du brauchst/You'll need:

- 200g Kokosflocken

- 2 kg Orangen (auch Blutorangen möglich)

- 500g Mehl (am besten halb-halb Volkorn-glatt)

- 250g Zucker (Weißer oder Rohrzucker)

- 1 Packerl Vanillezucker (alternativ natürlich eine echte Vanilleschote)

- 1 Packerl Backpulver

- etwas Sojamilch

- 4 Esslöffel Speiseöl (Geschacksträger & so)

- eine Prise Salz

- ein Glas Orangenmarmelade


Please inform us of your participation until Saturday 22 February 2014 - 10:00, by writing your username below (yeah - it's a marketing trick):

Metacuisine #1

When and where

First Metacuisine workshop will be on Wednesday December 4th 2013 14:00h at the metalab kitchen.


Meta-Caesar's-salad, Meta-poppy-strudel, Meta-brownies


     Meta-Caesar's-salad   €2.50 p.p.
     Meta-brownies         €1.50 p.p.
     Meta-poppy-strudel    €1.00 p.p. 
     total         €5.-  per person


1. MetaBrownie

200g hard flour, 250g dark (backing) chocolate, 100g trimmed hazelnut, 200g milk chocolate, 150g brown sugar, 40g cocoa powder, 50g corn oil, 80g butter, 2 eggs

2. MetaCeasar's

150g basmati rice (or 150g turkey fillet), 600g lettuce, 3 slices of toast bread, 1 garlic glove


3 garlic gloves, 2 table-spoons of mustard, 1/2 lemon juice, 150ml olive oil, pepper, salt





Someone else