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Gestartet: 15.05.2013
Involvierte: User:moritz, User:Fab, User:Hmw
Status: active/completed
Beschreibung: Metalabs Minecraft Server only reachable through our LAN
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 01.07.2013


Metacraft is our local Minecraft-Server which runs on-demand. You can wake it up through a Magicpacket and it will shut down if nobody is on the server for about 15 minutes. Due to VERY low bandwidth, the server won't be reachable through the internets. (needs a lot of upload, which we don't have)

Server News

1.7.2013, 23:03

Serverhardware (except HDD) will return to its owner so new hardware will be required. After 1 week (8.7.) the hardware will be uninstalled regardless of substitute hardware being available or not. A backup of the world can be found on a usb stick inside the serverkammerl after the hardware is gone.

28.5.2013, 1:20

if enough of you lot can get together and test this please: all players please connect using CABLE, NO WLAN. that MIGHT solve it, still looking into this.

25.5.2013, 5:00

Attention dear Minecraft Lovers:
Today we managed cracking some kind of limit with players peaking at 8. Allthough the recommendation wikipage says our Hardware should be fine for 18-24 players so wtf?! (we have "Recommended" Hardware).

one possible reason could be that in general it is NOT RECOMMENDED to have many players over WLAN! so that might be the bottle neck...

allthough the server clearly used up all the RAM it could find so... I dunno..


  • P4P800-E Deluxe
  • Intel Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz (+HyperThreading)
  • 4x512 MB DDR RAM
  • 500GB Seagate Baracuda 7200
  • some junk power supply


  • MineOS CRUX 0.4.11 (2013-01-21)
    • scripts updated to latest stable
    • custom 3.3.4 kernel to support hibernate/WOL
  • Auto Shutdown Script
    • /usr/games/minecraft/
    • checks every 5 minutes if there's no one online and 15 minutes have passed since the last serverlog change.
    • saves-all, waits 30 sec, stops the server, waits 60 sec, then calls /usr/sbin/pm-hibernate
  • Backup Script
  • WakeOnLan to Boot
    • build a custom kernel so hibernate/WOL will work src


  • runs locally at
  • password protected webinterface at
  • send a magic packet to 00:0E:A6:74:BB:7C if the server is down/you are the first player
    • IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO BOOT (5 minutes at least). but if you still insist on turning it on by hand, feel free to do so.
    • if someone hard resets the machine WOL will be reseted and needs to be set by an admin again.


Serverkammerl, hooked up directly to the switch

  • sorry pepi*