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MetaFunk - English Information

MetaFunk (English translation: MetaRadio) is the Amateur Radio interest group in the Metalab Hackerspace in Vienna/Austria. We are currently around 30 licensed Amateur Radio Operators and meet about twice a month or even more often if projects require it. And in the usual Metalab style - interested visitors of any kind are always warmly welcome!


Beeing part of a Hackerspace should already give away that we are very interested in modern communication technologies and the bleeding edge of their development. That means we are experimenting with digital data transfers, software defined radio, wireless telephony, wireless internet and much, much more. Whatever interests you, we probably like it too! Just come and talk to us!

Still we do practise the "old-style" radio art - field days, antenna construction, kit building, analog voice communication and even CW. We are Hams, are we not?

Almost everything there is to know about us can be found on this Wiki pages but most of the content is in German. Nevertheless we are quite capable of communicating in English, so don't hesitate to contact us if you like or are interested. Further down on this page you find some information about how to get in contact and where to find us.

  • Talks regarding Amateur Radio
  • Projects - Designing and building Amateur Radio things.
  • Ideas of the wild or more mundane kind, possible future ventures.
  • Courses for the Austrian Amateur Radio licensing exam.
  • Pictures, Graphs and other visual material from our past adventures can be found on the MetaFunk Mastodon Account in the Fediverse


How to get in touch with us:

  • club meeting

Every first wednesday of the month we invite a speaker and have a presentation on a relevant topic. After that it's talking radio, socialising, hanging out and just having a good time. We usually meet a second time every month on the wednesday two weeks after the big club meeting. There is no presentation but the rest is just as fun.

  • on air

Of course we do talk on air. The Relais on the Kahlenberg (R82), north of Vienna is a good point to find us for starters. Most of us prefer late hours tough so don't hesitate to call CQ in the middle of the night. Almost an insider's tipp is the famous or, depending on your taste, infamous Night-Owls-QSO. It's more or less regularily on around midnight local time.

  • mailing list

For written communication there's the MetaFunk mailing list: It's mostly in German but if you write English, we will of course continue the conversation in English. This is actually the best place to keep in touch with everything that is currently going on. Of course we answer questions as well!

Meet you on the bands! - 73