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Firefox Addon to Interact with the Screeninvader.

By scenor.


To install just use the .xpi provided there

What does it do?

  • Adds a screeninvadericon to your addonbar. Klicking this icon does pretty much the same thing as the Bookmarklet provided by Screeninvader.
  • Adds a contextmenuitem "Lounge Page" which also does the same
  • Adds conditional contextmenuitems:
    • If opening contextmenu on a link - Send this link to screeninvader
    • If opening contextmenu on an image - Send the image to screeninvader

For it to work you need to set the location of the Invader. This is possible in the Addon Preferences. Lounge It! Will only create the icon and menuitems if a screeninvader is found at that location.

bugs go to my mail

Have funs!