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I know this is a complicated topic, but I would like to start a constructive discussion on how to handle misuse of equipment.

Context: Recently, after wrong use of the cuttr, somebody suggested to implement an iButton authentication, similar to Lazzzorauth. Uniq is also pondering on what to do, since his Ultimaker is left broken most of the time. Also there are two new machines becoming available soon: The CNC-Machine and the 3D Scanner.

Is there a technical solution to this? Will we end up with LDAP and iButton for every PC and device? Will more signage help? Will a change of policy help? Will educating people help? How do other Hackingspaces deal with this? What should we do?

There will be a task force meeting on Thursday, 28.03.2013, 20:00 at Metalab, Hauptraum to explore possible solutions.