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Executive Summary

Recording raw material for a time lapse video of the Metalab Leiwandville at CCC camp 2011.

Technical Details

  • Canon Powershot S95 withCanon Hack Development Kit http://chdk.wikia.com which takes a picture about every 7 seconds.
  • Automotive Battery, a DC/DC converter and a self built battery adapter for the S95
  • If I have time I might augment the video with some rendered objects using AR Toolkit
  • Solar collector for charging the battery provided by AA who kindly offered to borrow it to me for the time of the camp :)

Currently I'm just making sure I collect the pictures. The postprocessing step will be big and could potentially take some time. I promise to finish it before the next CCC camp though :)

What about privacy?

I’ll have OpenCV face detection run over the pictures and add a black bar over each recognized face before the time lapse video gets released.

Who did this

Wizard23 with kind help from Datacop, AA, Gregor and Consti