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Consists of:

- Raspberry Pi
- Arduino
- 16x2 LCD
- OneWire (iButton suport)
- 3 Leds for status indication
- 1 Button
- a 6-Port Network Switch




Arduino code


Hardware documentation

Breadboard aufbau (made with fritzing)
The hall effect sensor + Preamp

There is a hall effect sensor placed right over the valve of the airassist.

This valve is opened to enable a static airflow as soon as a laserjob starts and is disabled when the job ends.

Software documentation

  • tbd (pitfalls, config, buildprocess)


this is partially wrong and needs correction

Arduino SENDS:

Code Parameter Expected reply What does it mean Example
I <iButton ID> A, N IButton scanned I:33-000000000000
X NONE O Lazzzor shutdown button hit (eXit) X
P NONE P Ping! /Heartbeat P

Raspberry sends:

Code Parameter Expected reply What does it mean Example
A <username> NONE Authenticated A:OVERFLO
N NONE NONE Not authenticated (invalid Button) N
O NONE NONE Off (in response to X) O
P NONE NONE Heartbeat / PING P
E <Error> NONE Some Error occured E:Network down!