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== Links ==
== Links ==
[[ Arduino source ]]
[[ Arduino + Embedded system code on github ]]
[[ Linux part (node.js, cronjobs, ...) ]]
== Gotchas ==
== Gotchas ==

Version vom 1. Februar 2013, 21:06 Uhr



Consists of:

- Seagate Dockstar (because the raspberry pi SD-cards died several times)
- Arduino
- RGB 16x2 LCD
- OneWire Socket (iButton support)
- A red Button
- a 6-Port Network Switch


dockstar linux distro from usb stick

Node.js Server / Database

Arduino code (because there was a spare arduino laying around..)


Hardware documentation

Breadboard aufbau (made with fritzing)
The hall effect sensor + Preamp

There is a hall effect sensor placed right over the valve of the airassist.

This valve is opened to enable a static airflow as soon as a laserjob starts and is disabled when the job ends.


All states are now handled by the embedded system.

The Arduino only displays what the embedded System sends it.

The arduino sends ibutton scans and pushbutton events.

//this code is followed by the button id

// error is followed by error description (like CRC error)
#define ERROR_CODE  'E'

// when button is triggered
#define LOGOUT_USER  'B'
// when button is long pressed

//button was removed, this event is ignored by embedded system

// sensor from valve magnetic field

The embedded System sends:

'A' followed by text for the FIRST line
'B' folloowed by text for the second line
'C' Turn color on LCD to 

RED =2


LazzzorAuth runs @

Its located right begind the Lazzzorstation on the wall.


[Arduino + Embedded system code on github ]


The Arduino used is a Arduino UNO but it's bootloader is from an Arduino DUEMILANOVE.

Pick this as target when compiling a new firmware for it..

When the Arduino is plugged in it displays "Linux booting.. hang in there"

Once The embedded system is up it sends a welcoming message over serial and this flushed the display.