Late Night Cooking

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Recipes born out of hunger, despair and plain fun. Mostly during 3 - 5 a.m.

creative cooking with "whats left"

teh archive

  • energy rice: cut ginger in tiny cubes & 1 chinese garlic. roast it. add raw rice (dont add water yet). roast it a little more. dissolve a soup spice cube in enough water to cook the rice in. deglaze the stuff inside the pot. Add spices. Cook rice until done --Vierlex 09:23, 22. Jan. 2013 (CET)
  • poor mans noodles(rice): cook any noodles you can find (rice will also do). cut garlic and onions. roast em. paste in some butter or spread like philadelphia. add the noodles to the souce. salt & pepper or whatever. --Vierlex 04:06, 13. Mai 2013 (CEST)