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Metalab - Wien 1., Rathausstr. 6

Opening hours

  • usually open daily
  • we don't have regular opening hours, we are open when someone with a key is here
  • best time for visits: ~17:00-01:00

Preferred way of contact: Core.png

Metalab phone number: +43 720 00 23 23 vorerst: +49 221 59619 6382
(Call pickup unreliable)


Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Wien, Austria

Lat./Long.: 48.2093723, 16.356099
MapCode: International: VJXLY.G85J Austrian: AUT DM.09

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How to get here

  • Map
  • public transport route planner
  • Public transport
    • Subway Line U2 is closed in our area due to construction works. The nearest stations are U6 Josefstädter Straße and U3 Volkstheater.
    • Tram Line 2, Station Rathaus; Lines 1, D, U2Z Station Parlament
    • Night busses Station Rathausplatz/Burgtheater: N25, N38, N60, N66, N67

Map wien gv at.png

Open Street Map
Map osm.png


Google Maps
Map google.png

Too far away? At siehe auch you can find other places like us that are maybe in you area.

Metalab Door at Rathausstraße 6, the street in the foreground crossing is Stadiongasse

Metalab Aussenansicht Juni 2014.jpg

Metalab Door Rathausstraße 6, the street in the background is Stadiongasse

Metalab Aussenansicht Rathaustrasse Juni 2014.jpg