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An brainstorming ground for a labeling system for general things. The labels should contain QR Codes and/or Human Readable Info (Text+Icons)

Somebody could hack together some software, to quickly create "Labelz" with Owner/Sponsor[public domain, person], intended use, contact option, useage license, throw away license[just dump it, ask owner, return to owner], timestamp. Human-readable and QR-Code output.

The flags should apply not only to junk in the lab, e.g. Beamer,Printers,Displays,Styrofoam Cutters,Toolboxes, Repraps, Food?, Bikes, Furniture, unfinished projects, you name it. Also a more general use context should be kept in mind.

Included info:

  • OwnershipshipType
    • Private
    • Borrowed
    • Public Domain
    • Sponsored for Public Use
    • HiveOwned
  • OwnershipString: Name of owner/responsible person
  • Owner contact Flag
    • M email
    • T telephone
    • A im
    • J Jabber
  • Owner contact String
  • Date of tag
  • UseageFlag:
    • Use as you wish
    • Ask owner before use
    • Use only if you know what you are doing
    • do not touch
    • use ultra carfully
  • UsageString: intended useage
  • LendingFlags:
    • Permanent remove permitted
    • borrowing allowed
    • borrowing allowed with allowance of one owner
    • borrowing allowed with allowance of the hive
    • Moving to different room ok
  • If broken
    • return to owner
    • repair yourself, if fail tell owner
    • repair, if fail, throw it away
    • destroyer rebuys, if no destroyer, notice owner
  • if unwanted
    • return to owner
    • just throw it away
    • store forever