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  • Most communication happens on site
  • Individual virtual communication: Jabber Server
    • Highly active!
  • Event announcements: metalab-announce@lists.metalab.at Link
    • Open
    • 3-5 mails per month
  • General Discussions: metalab@lists.metalab.at Link
    • Public - Every mail sent to this list lands in the index of various search providers. Mind your personal data!
    • Approximately 3 mails per day
    • At most 1 flamewar per month
  • Internal Discussions: intern@lists.metalab.at
  • Jour Fixe
    • Biweekly Meetup on Thursday
    • discuss stuff which need to be done or need fixing
    • also, Issue Tracker
  • Matters that directly concern the organization board (and only those!): Core