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Gestartet: XX.10.2012
Involvierte: User:anlumo User:m68k User:ripper User:phaer User:hetti
Status: in progress
Beschreibung: box which changes banknotes into coins
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 02.11.2016



In case you don't have the actual hardware available you can use the Payoutd/Cash hardware Simulator instead: https://github.com/hettipeti/PayoutSimulator

The https://github.com/hettipeti/PayoutSimulator/tree/master/PayoutSim_v3/PayoutSimulator folder contains the latest version.


payoutd controls the hardware and feeds into redis queues where other tools may pick them up. Changeomatic listens to events in those redis queues and allows users to change banknotes into coins. The protocol is documented in the payoutd repository. People who are interested in implementing a more advanced POS system are very welcome to do so! :)

Kassomat mit Change-o-matic in Action