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== References ==
== References ==

Aktuelle Version vom 27. April 2012, 09:05 Uhr

Why would anyone do that? Because on two recent cool devices, JavaScript is the ONLY option for open, unrestricted application development. Because making games in JS is a hack and a challenge. Because few people have pushed the technology to its performance limits yet. And because we can.


  • Wii!
  • iPhone!
  • Regular old boring computers


What to do

  • Start a wiki?
  • Build a library? Input handling, sprite animation, collision detection, SFX, etc etc. Needs more research.
  • Organize a competition like PyWeek
  • Organize a introductory course/workshop

Projects & Ideas

Full window shoot em up as browser stress test
Prototype exists (flying+shooting)
  • JS Spryjinx (c3o)
Remake of simple DOS 2 player platform game
Prototype exists (basic game elements, 2 player controls, game over)
Multiplayer online Go
Idea only
  • TomK32 has a few javascript games:
typedown (2011-10) uses Canvas and keyboard input
Trollbridge Armours (2011-05) uses SVG.

Interested parties


Notable games


Single player