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Gestartet: 10.01.2019
Status: yes it works
Beschreibung: Main Room Lightswitch
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 04.02.2019

Main room light switch

A light switch of the special kind, fitting for the Metalab main room.

Let there be light. Or darkness. You choose.


The old switch made the light flicker or not turn on at all, so we build a newer version (the small white enclosure with the 2 push buttons). This version only made it brighter or darker but nothing else. This (newest) version has different color modes and a reset button (!) in case something goes awry.


This light switch has 4 buttons:

  • the "+" or "Brightness Up" button on top. This button increases the brightness of the umbrella-lights in all modes, except in party mode. For that mode, it increases the blinking speed.
  • the "-" or "Brightness Down" button on top. This button decreases the brightness of the umbrella-lights in all modes, except in party mode. For that mode, it decreases the blinking speed.
  • the "Mode" button on the side, surrounded by multiple light-ray-resembling lines. This button switches between different light modes for the umbrella-lights.
  • the "Reset" button on the other side, surrounded by an arrow revolving around it. If the switch doesn't work anymore, it can be restarted using this button. Wait a few seconds after pressing it shortly.

Each button is to be pressed shortly. For example: Holding one of the brightness-buttons does not result in a repeated button press. Short is key.

This light switch has several lighting modes:

  • All Red (#F00)
  • All Lime (#0F0)
  • All Blue (#00F)
  • All Yellow (#FF0)
  • All Fuchsia (=Pink) (#F0F)
  • All Aqua (=Cyan) (#0FF)
  • All RGB White (RGB to 100%) (#FFF)
  • All Warm White
  • All Cold White
  • All Warm and Cold White
  • Party mode: All lights blink in different colors individually

Build Process