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A more detailed (but also more outdated) overview of the lab can be found in the English Info Folder


Metalab is a hacker space in Vienna, Austria — an open center for people who do creative things with technology.

We share open wifi, coworking space, an electronics and hardware lab complete with laser cutter and 3D printers, photography & photolab equipment, public computers, a kitchen, club mate, some woodworking and metalworking tools and most of all a creative, collaborative — though sometimes quite chaotic — environment that's open to visitors almost around the clock.

Fields of interest represented at the lab include DIY electronics, hardware hacking, game development, entrepreneurship, security, graphics programming, AI, photography, urban hacking/street art, audio and video production, free public networks, privacy and civil rights and many more.

Previous notable events hosted at the Metalab include the Chaos Computer Club's "Easterhegg" conference and the net culture festival Paraflows. A random sample of the dozens of talks and workshops that have been held here includes topics like biohacking, multitouch interfaces, microcontrollers, programming (all kinds of languages and fields) and social engineering. Many user groups and initiatives use the lab as a meeting space.

Every event is organized by members and - with very rare exceptions - open to the public. Members organize an average of over one event per evening.

The non-profit association that operates the Metalab, over 180 members strong as of 2013, sees itself solely as an infrastructure provider and exerts little influence over projects and events carried out at the lab.

It is financially independent, and finances its operations through membership fees. Corporate sponsorships and public grants are used on occasion to finance projects and additional infrastructure.

The space was opened in April 2006, but never stops changing or improving.

Address and directions

Metalab is located at:   
  Rathausstrasse 6
  1010 Vienna, Austria

Which is roughly between the Parliament and the Rathaus.

Entrance to Metalab
The following public transport can be used to get to the place:
  • Subway U2: stop Rathaus, exit Josefstädter Strasse
  • Trams 1, D: stop Stadiongasse/Parlament + 3 minutes walk
  • Tram 2: stop Rathaus
  • Night buses N25, N38, N60, N66, N67: stop Rathausplatz/Burgtheater

You can use this tool to plan a trip from your departure location.



Hackathon at Metalab
Metalab location