Hacking Game Machines

aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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  • Wann: Samstag, 23.6.2007, 20:30
  • Dauer: ca. 90 Minuten
  • Wo: im Metalab, Rathausstrasse 6, 1010 Wien

the main goals of dorkbot vienna are: to create an informal, friendly environment in which people can talk about the work they're doing and to foster discussion about that work; to help bring together people from different backgrounds who are interested in similar things; to give us all an opportunity to see the strange things our neighbors are doing with electricity. dorkbot isn't really a forum for formal artist talks or lectures, but rather a chance for diverse people to have friendly conversations about interesting ideas.

Dorkbot #3


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