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|involved=[[User:Anlumo|Anlumo]], [[User:Overflo|Overflo]], uvm.
|involved=[[User:naxx|naxx]],[[User:Anlumo|Anlumo]], [[User:Overflo|Overflo]], uvm.
|status=in rework
|status=in rework
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[[Diskussion:Automat|More info (german)]]
[[Diskussion:Automat|More info (german)]]
==Whats in there?==
You can find the actual content list under https://hacker.parts/. For questions ask [[Benutzer:anlumo|anlumo]].
==Planned Content==
* SPI Ethernet + SD-Slot
* Orange Pi Lite + power cable
* M-M-Dupont
* M-F-Dupont
* F-F-Dupont
* Arduino Leonardo (China clone)
* Arduino Nano (China clone)
* WS2812-Modul with 8 LEDs (double pack?)
* RGBWW controller with ESP8266
* USB AVR programmer
* STlink v2
* Half-sized breadboards
* Logic level converter 3.3V/5V
* Double sided prototype board (double pack?)
* nodemcu + micro USB cable
* FTDI board + mini USB cabel
* Step up converter
* Step down converter
* Dual relay module
* STM32F103C8T6 ARM STM32 minimum system development board module
Any ideas for food-like content to be added?
Proposals (feel free to add more stuff here):
* [http://www.manner.com/en/manner-minis Manner Minis]
* [http://www.dextro-energy.com/ Dextro-Energy] (probably needs repackaging)
* [http://www.scho-ka-kola.de/ Scho-ko-kola] (probably doesn't fit, maybe with repackaging?)
==Considered Content==
Items on this list might be added when there's some demand.
* Onion Omega2 + Expansion Dock ''(Might not be worth it, considering that it's more expensive than the Orange Pi Lite)''
* CHIP+HDMI adapter ''(same as above)''
* HLK-RM04 ''(outdated hardware)''
* LPC-Link2 OM13054 ''(very specific hardware and pretty expensive)''
* [https://www.olimex.com/Products/FPGA/iCE40/iCE40HX1K-EVB/open-source-hardware iCE40 development board] compatible with IceStorm ''(same as above, also needs programmer)''
* [https://www.seeedstudio.com/SeeedStudio-BeagleBone-Green-p-2504.html Beaglebone Green] ''(pretty expensive, but maybe worth it)''
* [http://nanopi.io/nanopi-neo.html NanoPi Neo] / [http://nanopi.org/NanoPi-M1_Feature.html NanoPi] ''Both small and inexpensive, but I don't know about demand'' <br />&nbsp;<small> ''Maybe you want to remain [https://www.wko.at/Content.Node/Service/Steuern/Weitere-Steuern-und-Abgaben/Verfahren---Pflichten-im-oesterr--Steuerrecht/weitere_RegistrierkassenundBelegerteilungspflicht.pdf below € 20,-] revenue per single item?''  --[[Benutzer:Pk|Pk]] ([[Benutzer Diskussion:Pk|Diskussion]]) 15:38, 28. Aug. 2016 (CEST)</small>

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Hacker Surprise
Gestartet: 18.10.2013
Involvierte: naxx,Anlumo, Overflo, uvm.
Status: in rework
Beschreibung: Alten Zigarettenautomaten im Hauptraum in Warenautomaten umbauen
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2019-08-14


A refurbished Cigarette vending machine located at metalabs Main room now used to sell various kits and things of interest.

More info (german)