Hack-A-N900/Usb Recovery Mode

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I bricked my maemo setup several times. Often the underlying problem would have been trivial to fix, if i had a way to access the root fs. Patching bootmenu enables us to boot a minimal system with just usb network and sshd enabled. sshd will still be using settings from the root fs.


Install bootmenu

Login via ssh to your n900 and:

# Get the bootmenu package package:
wget http://www.daimi.au.dk/~cvm/bootmenu_1.6_armel.deb

# Install bootmenu package
dpkg -i bootmenu_1.6_armel.deb

# Install bootmenu script

Patch bootmenu.sh to fix key bindings and enable usb recovery mode

cd /
wget http://metalab.at/wiki/images/4/40/Bootmenu_n900usbrecov.patch
patch -p0 < Bootmenu_n900usbrecov.patch

If you like you can edit /bootmenu.conf and adjust the ip address the usb interface will start with in recovery mode:

# IP address for USB networking

Boot into recovery mode

Reboot the device with the keyboard slide out(!). When the boot menu appears you can either select a boot entry or press "CTRL" to boot usb recovery mode.