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Version vom 31. März 2011, 21:50 Uhr von Chrysn (Diskussion | Beiträge) (on the firmware part)
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there will be different software components involved

there is a firmware on each device

there will be a hostsoftware (webserver) that runs on the pc/laptop

this webserver will provide a webinterface to the javascript application

there are positions open for

  • the webserver/serialcom (python) amir implements this job with java
  • the webfrontend application logic (javascript)
  • the webfrontent design (CSS)
  • firmware and protocoldesign (AVR)


The current firmware is written by clifford and chrysn and is currently capable of communicating on the serial line, forwarding RF commands from and to the serial console, and accepting remote control commands. It can be checked out from the firmware part of the project repository.

During firmware development, a serial protocol was developed, which is documented alongside the firmware.