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2011-03-23: Working on a very early prototype -- Part 1

2011-03-24: Working on a very early prototype -- Part 2

Day 3 of the hackerspace challenge
+ zwax and his amaaaazing pancakeinator

2011-03-29 (Day 4): Demo Firmware is finished

2011-03-31: testing the RF protocol implementation

2011-04-08: prototyping PCBs manufactured and soldered,
final hardware design draft built on breadboard

2011-04-16: case mockup

2011-04-20: another take from 3d printing the case

2011-05-01: the virtual machine (EmbedVM) explained 1/2

2011-05-01: the virtual machine (EmbedVM) explained 2/2


Finally there! 1/2

Finally there! 2/2


first prototype shield, handwired
soldering manufactured prototype shield

comparison of prototypes
finished shiny prototyping board.
now we have 5 devices to play
Sebi is building a clay model of the case
3d printed case mockup
case closeup