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You can control the CNC via a X-Box controller.

Configuration was done like these websites suggested:

Current Settings

Current Setting of the Controller

Note: you have to press X, A or B before you can jog in any direction and you need to hold it all the time. This will prevent unintentional movement (also the analog sticks are not very precise).

  • Analog Control (the further you push, the faster it will be)
    • Left Analog stick controls X and Y Axis
    • Right Analog stick controls Z Axis (up, down)
  • Digital Control (max speed with one push)
    • D-Pad controls X and Y Axis
    • Left and Right Button controls Z Axis
  • Jog Speed control:
    • X Button: 50mm/min
    • A Button: 600mm/min
    • B Button: 2000mm/min

Free Buttons (RFU)

  • Y Button
  • Back Button
  • Start Button
  • Left Analog Switch
  • Right Analog Switch
  • Right Analog Stick Left, Right
  • Left Analog Stick Button press
  • Right Analog Stick Button press