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A Series of Tubes

You're a network packet, surfing the tubular interwebs, trying to reach your destination as quickly as possible. The tubes are clogged by competing packets, whose movement causes the landscape ahead to change continuously. Recognize free paths that are forming, jump into breaches, reach insane speeds, avoid being wiped out by head-on collisions with hefty chunks of data, enjoy the retro-futuristic graphics.


An early alpha version was completed during our PyWeek sessions, mainly by Metaz and Lfittl.


Next Steps

I'd been meaning to integrate PyODE, but haven't gotten around to that yet :-( Maybe I can do it during Game Dev Weekend 001. Nex 19:39, 26. Apr. 2007 (CEST)

Further development will be discussed/commenced during Game Dev Weekend 001, i.e. Really Soon Now(tm), yay!

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