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Researching Wireless Community Mesh Networks

Funkfeuer is taking part in the "Community Networks Testbed for the Future Internet (CONFINE)" Project. Therefore we deploy and operate research devices (RDs) in the Funkfeuer network. We would like to invite the community to a talk about how these RDs work and what can be done with them. This is followed by a workshop showing step by step how to create your own experiment and run it on multiple RDs.

After this participants should be able to create their own experiment and run it on research devices spread across Europe and use these for testing new protocols and software. At the end participants will receive some RDs themselves and will be asked to connect them to their home Funkfeuer networks (you need to have a running Funkfeuer node for this).


  • Basic Linux and Networking Knowledge to create your own experiment.
  • Bring your own notebook running a recent linux, have lxc installed and

have a copy of the confine vct container[1] already downloaded to try everything out at the workshop.

  • Operate a funkfeuer node to receive a research device.


Research Device workshop 5th of July 2014
7.05.2014, 16:00
We would like to invite the Funkfeuer community to a workshop for handling CONFINE research devices (RDs). These allow for distributed measurements, prototype protocol testing and software testing within community wireless networks on 100+ nodes across Europe. See also:
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