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Freepad turned upside down (Top: Battery, Center: RAM)
A Freepad

The owner of Arc-Computer sent us five Freepads for free!

Before using the Freepads the first time, please make sure the battery is connected to Freepad Motherboard (otherwise, you'll only be able to use it while being connected to the power adapter). To connect the battery you'll need to turn it upside down, unscrew the top three screws and connect the battery to the mainboard.


Freepad opened up
  • x86 compatible "Geode"-Microcontroller (National Semiconductor, 166 MHz)
  • 16 MByte FlashROM / 32 MByte Maincache
  • DECT
  • Smartcard Reader on COM1.
  • Audio-In, Audio-Out (Process "audiod" is locking the audio device, kill it to use it yourself)
  • Microphone, Stereospeakers
  • Touchscreen (800x600 resolution?)
  • contains an IDE compatible Disk on Chip (DOC) Module


  • Nano-X (vormals 'Microwindows') as Display System
  • Opera as Browser
  • ae as editor


The default Dashboard is customizable in an XML file, most of the config files are in /config.


FreePad is developed in a joint effort beetween the
Norwegian company Screen Media AS and the
German company Dosch & Amand Gmbh

Main subcontracted companies:
Opera Software (browser engine)
Inventec (production)

Please look to 

-- Source

discontinued websites via the waybackmachine:

Heise Newsticker, 11.12.2000, German



have the hackpad™:

  • as input/stats device on the RepRap machine
  • as interactive MetaDoor device
  • as mobile webdevice
  • as great system control (turn lights/music/etc. on/off)
  • as VoIP phone (DECT + DECT-PCI-VoIP device)

Root Access (local)

Freepad with shell

Root-Access on an Out-Of-The-Box Freepad:

  • connect USB-Keyboard
  • turn the device on
  • wait until the webbrowser has loaded
  • CTRL-ALT-F2 will bring up the shell - you are root!

You may switch between the default Nano-X Window Manager on CTRL-ALT-F1, to two shells residing on CTRL-ALT-F2 and CTRL-ALT-F3

An another project with Freepad

DamnSmallLinux (DSL) booting on an ancient FreePad