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Just wanting to document the steps being taken to turn what used to be a very chaotic & messy room used for film & photo development (among other things) into a really awesome photo lab/darkroom. :)

I'm mostly doing this to make it easier for myself to keep track of things (seeing as I volunteered for "getting stuff done"), but feel free to add to the list if there's something YOU (or someone else) contributed. Chemielab-related additions are welcome too, seeing as I won't be recording those.

Note: all progress is listed in date descending order.


  • create Doodle poll for Fotolab meet-up
  • meet-up of everyone interested in "running"/contributing to Fotolab/Chemielab/Etcherlab (kay, Mihi, Marius, possibly TomK32, surely Emi - if he's already back in VIE,.. you?)
    • plan disposal of old chemicals
    • plan transportation of new-old Durst enlarger
    • get in touch with Angela re: transportation of Durst enlarger
    • make list of stuff still needed (-> get prices for Metalab Executive Committee)
  • get in touch with (Jo)Achim - guy who said he'd worked out a plan for installation of power strips
  • get in touch with Nina re: darkroom equipment from Germany


Mihi & Kay decide on rescheduling Fotolab meetup for following week via Doodle
labelling of photo paper boxes @ Fotolab
mail by + later face2face convo with Angela re: her mum donating her old Durst enlarger (for 35mm & MF film!)
Fotolab lightning talk given @ Metaday #38
Fotolab update given @ Jour Fixe
first contact prints & enlargements by Emi & Kay
more equipment & material bought by Mihi
equipment & material contributed/bought by TomK32 & Emi (& Kay via Emi); Emi & Kay "inaugurate" Fotolab 2.0 by developing first rolls of b/w film
2011, early January
"re-opening" of Fotolab gets discussed on Metalab's general mailing list
2010, autumn/winter
complete Fotolab make-over organised & (also mostly!?) carried out by Bina