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This is a place where I want to collect all my information and findings about analogue infrared photography!


Efke IR820 Aura should be a good film for shooting infrared light. It has no anti-halation backing so the "blooming" effect should be good.

It has infrared sensitivity up to 820 nm light.

IR Filter

In order to have great infrared pictures you have to block the visible light and let as much of the infrared light into the cam. So we need a filter on the camera that blocks all the visible light (from 390 to 750 nm) and let everything above this range through to the film.

A filter like this:

  • can be bought [1]
  • can be made of Congo Blue Lee C181 light filter sheets. [2]
  • can be made of old floppy discs [3]
  • can be made of film that was not exposed to light but was developed. [4]