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(Cameras & accessories)
Zeile 39: Zeile 39:
* 3 Lomo cameras:
* 3 Lomo cameras:
** [ Colorsplash]
** [ Colorsplash]
** [ Fisheye No. 2]
** [ Fisheye No. 2] <span style="color: #800000">-- currently borrowed by [[Benutzer:Emi|Emi]]</span>
** [ Actionsampler Flash] <span style="color: #800000">-- currently borrowed by [[Benutzer:Emi|Emi]]</span>
** [ Actionsampler Flash]
* 1 small, black camera (possibly pinhole?), origin unknown
* 1 small, black camera (possibly pinhole?), origin unknown

Version vom 17. Oktober 2011, 17:57 Uhr

No windows, tiles all around, a large sink, lots of storage space and a door that can be locked from the inside make the small room situated to the right of the entrance to WhateverLab the perfect place for our Fotolab/Chemielab (and thanks to Bina & her mad restoration skillz, it is actually useable again as of 01/11!).


There's now a Fotolab mailing list as well as a Fotolab soup, yippieh!
Durst Enlarger

Darkroom equipment

  • Kaiser VCP 3500 enlarger for 35mm film (with filters)
  • Durst enlarger for 35mm and medium format film
  • Developing tanks:
    • 1x large (fitting either 2x 35mm or 1x 120 film)
    • 1x small
  • Film reels:
    • 3x adjustable (for 35mm & medium format film)
    • 1x for 35mm film only
    • 1x Jobo Duo-Set Reel #2502 (does not fit standard-sized tanks!)
  • graduated cylinders for measuring chemicals
  • funnels
  • developing trays
  • film clips
  • darkroom lights
  • print tongs
  • storage bottles
  • Polaroid timer
  • a small box of plastic frames for 6x6 transparencies
  • Kaiser slide cutter
  • paper cutter
  • Focus finder (use by placing it in the light's center and look for grain)
  • The gummi squeegee (Abziehrakel) from silkprinting is good enough to dry wet paper.

Chemicals & photo paper, consumables

We have chemicals and paper in the lab, but look carefully for ownership labelz.

Free for use is the huge pile of folia that TomK32 brought in to archive your precious 35mm and medium film.

Cameras & accessories

  • empty black film canisters for making pinhole cameras (Workshop?!)


  • more/new photo paper in various sizes
  • loupe
  • press for working with baryta
  • thermometer(s)
  • chemicals for colour film & photo development
  • chemicals for print toning (-> selenium toning, sepia toning,.. bleach)
  • chemicals and sunshine for Cyanotypography
  • something like a "clothes line" where wet film & prints can be hung to dry
  • a squeegee to dry prints
  • proper timer


Please refer to the Workshops subpage.


Please refer to the Links subpage.

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Old updates can be found on the Fotolab v2.0 subpage.

Nutzer / Users

tina, fain, Worm23, Fum, Dan, Mihi, Alex, kay, TomK32, Gnulux, jessy