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F-Droid Meetup Vienna

What is F-Droid? An installable catalog of FOSS apps (Free and Open Source Software) for Android. (more info: https://f-droid.org)

At this Meetup people who use F-Droid, publish apps there or contribute to F-Droid meet to exchange ideas. All F-Droid topics are welcome:

  • Apps, Apps, Apps
  • Alternative Roms for Smartphones (AOSP, LineageOS, SailfishOS, UBPorts, PostmarketOS, ...)
  • Android Tuning, Styling, Rooting, etc.
  • Privacy on Smartphones
  • Security on Smartphones
  • UX, UI design
  • App development
  • App backend operations, opsec, dev.
  • ...

next meeting

When: Tue. 14.5.2019 18:30

Where: Metalab, Rathausraße 6, 1010 Vienna (https://metalab.at/wiki/Lage)


  • Short lecture: How does F-Droid work? A rough overview from app submission to delivery. - (@uniq)
  • Short lecture: Who develops F-Droid and how to participate in the community. - (@uniq)
  • Discussion: This Meetup is new, so we don't know yet how the interests of participants are distributed. The following topics might be interesting: new/useful apps, privacy & security, decentralization, android development, custom roms, etc. How could we design the Meetup to be interesting for both users and developers, or should we rather a focus on one group? - (@uniq)
  • General discussion :)