Dorkbot Vienna

aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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The main goals of dorkbot vienna are: to create an informal, friendly environment in which people can talk about the work they're doing and to foster discussion about that work; to help bring together people from different backgrounds who are interested in similar things; to give us all an opportunity to see the strange things our neighbors are doing with electricity. dorkbot isn't really a forum for formal artist talks or lectures, but rather a chance for diverse people to have friendly conversations about interesting ideas.

dorkbot #4 - the mindmachine hack

with bre pettis.

bre pettis produces the show "weekend projects," which is released weekly as a video podcast for "make: magazine". for his show, bre makes something every week, and then makes a video teaching viewers how to make it too. in his recent past, he's been a schoolteacher, a multi-artist, and a puppeteer. bre is passionate about invention, innovation, and all things diy.

  • when: wednesday, november 28, 2007, 8:30 pm
  • duration: ~90 minutes
  • where: metalab, Rathausstrasse 6, 1010 vienna

more info soon.

lecture/workshop in english language.