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[[Datei:Dome_assembly-instruction.jpg|600px|thumb|center|the overview]]
[[Datei:Dome_assembly-instruction.jpg|600px|thumb|center|the overview]]
[[Datei:cutndrill.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Cut and drill.. 500 holes]]
[[Datei:struts2.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Some finished struts]]
[[Datei:struts3.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Painting done]]

Version vom 20. Juli 2015, 12:53 Uhr

MIDDLE - LEFT - RIGHT (what a nice mantra)

the overview
Cut and drill.. 500 holes
Some finished struts
Painting done
Deconstruction (~10 minute with 5 guys)


You need:

  • 250 bars (get 270+ to have some spareparts) the inner parts of slatted frames for beds work great
  • 91 M6 screws (length: 80 mm)
  • 91 Wing nuts
  • 182 Washers (the bigger the better)
  • Spray paint (RED,GREEN,BLUE,ORANGE)

Cut them in 5 different lengths.

Type Color Pcs. Length
A ORANGE 30 60cm
B RAINBOW 90 70cm
D GREEN 70 74.2cm
E BLUE 30 77cm
F RED 30 70.8cm

Drill a hole 2cm from the border in the middle of the struts ends.


Start with 5 pcs type A struts (orange) Connect them like this: WASHER, SCREW, 5 BARS (A),WASHER,WING NUT, dont over tighten yet

You successfully put together the middle structure that will be on the center top of the dome.

Now from the end of these connect 5 type B struts. The magic formular is:


  • MIDDLE (A) outermost layer
  • LEFT (B) middle layer
  • RIGHT(B) innermost layer

and thats how you go on according to the diagram above.

This is true for the whole assembly.

Take a corner of a triangle, consider that "middle" and connect first left and then right to it.


DOMERAMA online dome calculator

Many pix in soup


  • measure the sizes of the different triangles / create different inlays with mirors and out of acrylic
  • measure the top / center pentagon for replacement with solid wood
  • add sprinklers for water
  • add ventilator
  • add 71 leds
  • make ledmounts