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this is true for the whole assembly.
this is true for the whole assembly.
[ DOMERAMA online dome calculator]

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You need:

  • 250 bars (get 270+ to have some spareparts) the inner parts of slatted frames for beds work great
  • ?? M6 screws (length: ?? cm)
  • ?? Washers
  • ?? Wing nuts
  • Spray paint (RED,GREEN,BLUE,ORANGE)

Cut them in 5 different lengths.

Type Color Pcs. Length
A ORANGE 30 60cm
B RAINBOW 90 70cm
D GREEN 70 74.2cm
E BLUE 30 77cm
F RED 30 70.8cm

Drill a hole 2cm from the border in the middle of the struts ends.

you need:

start with 5 pcs type A struts (orange) Connect them like this: WASHER, SCREW, 5 BARS (A),WASHER,WING NUT, dont over tighten yet

now from the end of these connect 5 type B struts. The magic formular is:


MIDDLE (A) LEFT (B) RIGHT(B) and thats how you go on according to the diagram above.

this is true for the whole assembly.


DOMERAMA online dome calculator