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Thu 16 – Sun 19. July 2015 (confirmed)

this a month ahead of CCCamp2015 held in .DE between August 13th to 17th 2015

There are only a few rooms, we try to book them for ppl with special needs.

This is a camping event, you'll need a /dev/sleeping-bag, /dev/mat, /etc. Bring your own tent or borrow one for free from VSL.


To do our collaborative shopping (food, charcoal, toilet paper, and the like) and to compensate electric utility we collect a low daily fee per particant per day. You won't need much, but bring a bit of money :)

It's up to you how to get there, if you are using public transport usually ppl with cars are willing to pick you up at the railway station if you call.

Count me in

name vegetarier vegan - thu fri sat sun
... your name here