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aus Metalab, dem offenen Zentrum für meta-disziplinäre Magier und technisch-kreative Enthusiasten.
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Thu 10 – Sun 13. July 2014 (confirmed)

There are only a few rooms, we try to book them for ppl with special needs.

This is a camping event, you'll need a /dev/sleeping-bag, /dev/mat, /etc. Bring your own tent or borrow one for free from VSL.


To do our collaborative shopping (food, charcoal, toilet paper, and the like) and to compensate electric utility we collect a low daily fee per particant per day. You won't need much, but bring a bit of money :)

It's up to you how to get there, if you are using public transport usually ppl with cars are willing to pick you up at the railway station if you call.

Count me in

  1. PK
  2. Lippi
  3. Marius \o/
  4. amir
  5. bons
  6. lydschi
  7. kay (only if there's a bed available)
  8. redplanet
  9. Christian Edit: Bin auf einer Schlung, weiß nicht obs sich ausgeht :-/
  10. metachris
  11. kyrah // if I manage to make it back from the Islamic Republic of Iran in time...
  12. Herbert
  13. A
  14. pl
  15. Isis
  16. vautee
  17. cygenb0ck
  18. stereotype
  19. vandebina
  20. ...