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Thursday 13th - Sunday 16th July 2017 There are only a few rooms, we try to book them for people with special needs.

This is a camping event, you'll need a sleeping bag, mat, etc. Bring your own tent or borrow one for free from VSL.


To do our collaborative shopping (food, charcoal, toilet paper, and the like) and to compensate electric utility we collect a low daily fee per particant per day. You won't need much, but please bring some cash since there is no ATM on site.

It's up to you how to get there, if you are using public transport usually ppl with cars are willing to pick you up at the railway station if you call.

Sadly, the space available is limited, therefore we urge you to enter yourself in the table below, if you're planning to attend. In case you're coming from a different hackspace or elsewhere, you're very welcome to attend — please make sure one of your group registers an account by sending a mail to Core and enters all participants in the table so that we can plan accordingly. We're looking forward to meet you!

Count me in

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Sonstwer Helf gern mit, hab auch Führerschein, jedoch kein Auto
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