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== RetroSessions ==
Old Computers Never Die - Their Users Do!!
=== What? ===
A regular discussion of archaic technology, with purpose ...
We will meet at MetaLab to discuss, review, remember, re-write, revive, a bit of love for retro- computing;  we will see what sort of answers we come up with for questions such as: what we can do with old computers; why we should do things with old computers; who has a new, old computer, to demonstrate; who has an old, old computer to demonstrate; what can a computer do, old and new?
=== What Is a Retro-Computer?===
To be considered a "retro- computer", the device should be any computer platform where the users have moved on, i.e. stopped using the platform.  It should be a machine from the past, which maybe isn't so common any more.  It could also be a common, old computer - really the only point is, its not an iBlah.
Among other platforms, we might demonstrate the following systems:
* Oric-1/Atmos
* Atari
* Commodore
* Spectrum
* Amstrad
* Dragon
* 80286,80386,80486
* Z80
* 6502
* Amiga
* 68k
If you've got something you wanna demo - AWESOME! - we'll add it to the list!
We will, as a group and with interest, attempt to bring abandoned computers to life, for new reasons.  Anything interesting we can do with an old computer.
=== When? ===
Last Friday of Every Month
(As of 27 March 2018, the **next** RetroSession is 30 March 2018)

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