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How do we include/agree with the ones named on http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/GroupSales#Austria? With them we are at least 10 - so lets order ASAP ! -- Miglincit 9:04, 25. Apr. 2008 (CEST)

I hope it will soon be possible to place the order.. (: -- Ra 11:49, 25. Apr. 2008 (CEST)

UPDATE FROM TORPOR: As of April 25th, I have 3 other people at my work (THALES) who wish to be included in this group purchase, but who are not yet members of MetaLab, so it is possible that we may need to order *20* phones. I will update this page with details when we know more. (FWIW: no need to be member of the Metalab for using this wiki. --PK 20:13, 25. Apr. 2008 (CEST))

UPDATE FROM SLITE: I just started a 2nd group, to see how much people would be interested. I started a thread on the community mailinglist where i was told about the group order here. Three people already mailed me who were interested, i pointed them here too. Lets see if we get enough. For the people who don't are members, some info on how we plan to organize the moneytransfer, purchase and distribution of the device would be usefull. I would suggest sit-ins at metalab for also getting known each other. --slite 11:13, 26. Apr. 2008 (CEST))

UPDATE FROM SPECIES: In Graz there is also plenty of Interest in group purchase, we are already 6 people here, steadily growing.
I would suggest a cooperation. --species Sun Apr 27 15:20:48 CEST 2008


What about warranty? I read there are 2 years of warranty from Openmoko Inc. side. How do you handle this, do I have to handle this by my self if I get a damaged device? --kelvan 16:40, 25. Apr. 2008 (CEST)


I'll also buy a "iGo Stowaway Ultra Portable" Bluetooth-Keyboard for my moko(See this page for a review http://wmexperts.com/reviews/smackdowns/bluetooth_keyboard_video_smack.html).
As i prefer a UK-Keyboard-Layout, i'll order from a British-Webshop(It is also cheaper than from amazon.at): http://www.addonsworld.co.uk/product.php/38270/1/
This will cost ~36.- plus ~7.- Euro insured Shipping(Every additional item costs 60 Cents extra), if you're interested in a group-order, plz add your name(Order will be placed as soon as the freerunners are available):