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What Is This Voucher Thingy?

From the FAQ: As the capacity of the congress center is limited, we expect the tickets to sell out quite fast. To prevent the communities surrounding the CCC from being excluded, we decided to split the ticket presale into two phases. In the first phase, a ticket will be given out to everyone who gets a voucher. We have sent vouchers to last year's angels and speakers, to the local groups of CCC and other related groups. In the second phase, we will sell the rest of the tickets on a first-come first-served basis.

Once an order with a voucher has been payed, it may generate a second, new voucher. Those new vouchers are sent out in a batch once a day to all paid tickets with replicating vouchers. Some vouchers will generate replicating vouchers (those of Erfas, Chaostreffs, hackerspaces etc) while others (those of angels and speakers) will generate only a non-replicating voucher.

The 33C3 Events Blog adds: https://events.ccc.de/2016/09/13/33c3-ticket-sales/

33C3 Metalab/Leiwandville Attendee aka. "I Need a Voucher" List

Name Ticket (bezahlt) Bestell-Voucher erhalten Neuen Voucher erhalten & weiter gegeben Kommentar
Leyrer - -
hetti sent Voucher via Mail to eest9 on 17.9.16
anlumo passed to albert
albert (forwarded mail to BW on 2016-09-19T21:10+0200)
eest9 (forwarded mail to Vorli/Sonstwer on 2016-09-23T06:38+0200) +1
BW 2016-09-27 email to Jackie
ente hab schon einen von woanders
Vorli - gut befreundet mit Sonstwer 2016-10-07 returned to Sonstwer failed to send to Philipp
Sonstwer HAS THE VOUCHER RIGHT NOW BITTE an die nächste Person mit mailadresse weiterleiten.
c3o hab schon einen von woanders
astera passed on to cygenb0ck 2016-09-30
Pepi 2016-09-15
Columbia19 2016-09-19
Jackie 2016-09-30 email to Nini
ripper passed to astera on 2016-09-27 20:24
gohai passed to Redplanet on 2016-10-05
Nini passed to becca on 2016-10-04
pl Öffentliche Daten nützen, private Daten schützen.
sja 2016-09-22
becca passed to LuGam on 2016-10-07 2016-10-04 Voucher von Nini erhalten
LuGam passed to my brother 2016-10-11
Nora passed to Edmund (next in list with contact Info)
Zem passed on to Nora E-Mail/PGP zem@fnordpol.de GPG Key: 49E67D1F7E226DF534A9B29738154D295F94E76B jabber: zem@jabber.metalab.at oder an Nora falls ich nicht im Lab bin.
cygenb0ck an min an redplanet +4 (berg, und noch 3 kollegen)
Max jabber: aloft@jabber.metalab.at ; BITTE irgendwo Mailadresse angeben, sonst kann dir niemand den voucher schicken.
Emi passed on to Zem on 2016-10-04
redplanet [...]
Edmund edmund.humenberger@gmail.com of icoboard.org
zerocity philipp.bisson[at]gmail[dot]com
cube struwwelluk (at) bluewin (dot) ch
Melanie n/a
0x3d former member
min zurückgereiht durch Leyrer, da nicht auf Voucher reagiert
Rin +1, E-Mail: armin.puffler@gmail.com
Acheloos acheloos (at) butterna (dot) se
Philipp Bitte immer am Ende der Liste hinzufügen, danke -- Leyrer; zurückgereiht durch Leyrer, da nicht auf Voucher reagiert