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Gestartet: 17.02.2013
Involvierte: Moritz, mzeltner
Status: active
Beschreibung: Temporary network storage inside Metalabs LAN
Zuletzt aktualisiert: 2013-05-19


... is an encrypted temporary network storage which hourly deletes all files older than 5 days (as well as empty folders left over).

It is reachable only through LAN:

  • IPv4:
  • IPv6: 2001:858:5:3a23::dead:beef

It speaks:

  • SFTP (User: metalab - Password: metalab)
  • Samba as guest
  • HTTP

On reboot the devices contents will not be recoverable no matter how old the files were. This is because the encryption key is generated on boot and stored in RAM only. If the power is lost or the disk is physically moved, the files are inaccessible.


There are plans to allow files to be stored for longer, possibly by changing file permissions. If you're interested in having that feature implemented, get in touch!


Also, the logo of this project is shamelessly stolen from Strongbox. There are no similarities between the projects, it just seemed like a good fit graphically for this one as well.